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Chuyên viên Cung ứng - Supply Executive

Assist Supplies Purchasing Controller to implement system for procurement, storage, issue, transportation, handling and control of engineering spares and materials efficiently and economically. Participate in evaluation and selection of suppliers, products and services on the basis of the ability to meet the company requirements including the quality system and regulatory requirements in accordance to documented procedures.

Working Location: Hồ Chí Minh

Quantity: 1

Salary: Thỏa thuận

Required Document:

VJC-PD-FRM-12 Form Job Application

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Job Description

a) Is reporting directly to Supplies Purchasing Controller.

b) Responsible to request for quotations, preparation of purchase request/work order/loan order and final order of all aircraft and commercial items required for aircraft maintenance.

c) Liaise with vendors and other related agencies with regards to items were sent for repair and overhaul.

d) Monitor and follow-up with related repair and overhaul agencies with regards to items were sent for repair/overhaul.

e) Monitor progress of tools and equipment sent for calibration and test to ensure timely return.

f) Ensure the most cost effective method of shipment to dispatch material.

g) Supervise and administration of rotable and repair sections.

h) Review quotation summary and make recommendation of rotable procurement.

i) Ensure processing of Loan/Purchase Orders.

j) Ensure continuous assessment and monitoring of float.

k) Ensure continuous and correct update of AMOS.

l) Update Airline ‘AOG’ Contacts listing.

m) Update engineering procedure revisions.

n) Update Purchasing Controller on status of priority requirement and any deviations to required performance levels.

o) Carry out other duties as directed by immediate supervisor or Supply & Store Manager.

Job Requirement

1. Trình độ học vấn/Education: Đại học, ưu tiên ngành kỹ thuật, hàng không / Bachelor Degree, Technical Aviation is preferable.                      

2. Phẩm chất cá nhân/Personal Specifications:

- Able to work under high pressure.

- Self-disciplined – able to work effectively in a team-work.

- Proactive and cooperative attitude.

- Aptitude for sound and logical organization of tasks, activities and associated documentation.            

3. Yêu cầu chuyên môn / Specific requirements: Kinh nghiệm/Job related experience: Tối thiểu 2 năm/ At least 2 years   

4. Yêu cầu khác / Other requirements:

- Sử dụng thành thạo tiếng Anh/ Using fluent English / TOEIC 450 or above.

- Sử dụng thành thạo vi tính (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), internet và các công cụ phục vụ cho công việc/ Fluently using PC & software office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), internet & office tools...


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