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Nhân viên Thủ kho / Storekeeper

Working Location: Sân bay Tân Sơn Nhất - Hồ Chí Minh, Sân bay Cam Ranh - Khánh Hòa


Salary: Thỏa thuận

Required Document:

VJC-PD-FRM-12 Form Job Application

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Job Description

a) To ensure all spares & materials are from approved sources and all documents and certification are correct and meet CAAV and VJC MME requirements.

b) Ensure the shipping documents as per P.O issued by VJC are correct.

c) Inspect packaging for shipping damage, signs of contamination or tampered with.

d) Open package to inspect part. Take note of ESD requirements.

e) Check the P/NO: to ensure correct on the unit and the supporting documents. Take a note of modification number if applicable.

f) Ensure the serial number is correct as per the supporting documents and the parts.

g) Check that the part is appropriately protected, packed and covered as necessary.

h) Check that all opening s are appropriately blanked or protected against foreign material entry

i) Check for signs of leaks or contamination.

j) If items are bought new, check for evidence of previous usage such as wear, discoloration and etc.

k) Ensure EASA form One or FAA 8130-3 or airworthiness approval tag for original and No corrections absolutely unless certified. Be mindful of Bogus parts

l) Ensure the type of work carried out satisfies the RO/PO VJC MME and CAAV requirements.

m) If satisfactory, issue VJC serviceable label with batch numbers and arrange to send to aircraft store for storage or issue to maintenance.

n) If unsatisfactory send to quarantine store and inform Supply & Store Manager or QAM as necessary.

o) For non-compliance to any function inform Supply & Store Manager to enable supplier performance monitor and/ list update.

p) For non-compliance to any regulatory function inform TQAM as when declared necessary for follow up by TQAM.

q) Ensure all documents supplied with the parts are filed in such a manner for easy retrieval or review as necessary.

r) Carry out periodic self-audit of store.

s) To take action if AMOS system breakdown to ensure using Manual Requisition for continues to support operation.

Job Requirement

1. Trình độ học vấn/Education: Trung cấp, ưu tiên ngành kỹ thuật, gian nhận, kho bãi / Intermediate diploma, Technical, Supply, Warehouse is preferable.                       

2. Phẩm chất cá nhân/Personal Specifications:

- Able to work under high pressure.

- Self-disciplined – able to work effectively in a team-work.

- Careful.

3. Yêu cầu chuyên môn / Specific requirements:

- Kinh nghiệm/Job related experience: Ưu tiên các ứng viên có kinh nghiệm đảm nhiệm vị trí tương đương trong ngành / Candidate has experience in similar position in aviation is preferable.   

4. Yêu cầu khác / Other requirements

- Sử dụng tốt tiếng Anh/ Using well English / TOEIC 350 or above.

- Sử dụng tốt tin học văn phòng / Good at MS Office

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