Quản trị viên Dữ liệu cao cấp - Senior Database Administrator

Deployment, development, management to ensure all of Database System working smoothly and healthy.

Working Location: Headquarter Ho Chi Minh City

Quantity: 1

Salary: Negotiation

Required Document:

VJC-PD-FRM-12 Form Job Application

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Job Description

·         Ensure the Databases system stable operation:

      - Configure database servers.

      - Monitor and maintain system health and security.

      - Design backup processes for server and associated data.

      - Create accounts for all users and assign security levels.

      - Establish a disaster recovery protocol.

      - Capacity planning.

      - Create database management procedures.

      - Evaluate data analysis models and procedures.

      - Database tunning.

      - Keeping databases up to date.

      - Helping with database design and development.

      - Troubleshooting error.

·         Other assignments from the direct Manager

Job Requirement

- Education: Bachelor’s degree in Information Science / Information Technology, Computer Science, or relevant work experience.                                                                       

 - Job related experience: Five or more years of industry experience, including at least four years of hands-on DB administration, three or more years hands-on DB development projects.

- Specific knowledge:

_ Experience administering and configuration databases (MSSQL,MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS RDS, etc.)

_ Monitor the database performance and evaluate complex information coming from a variety of sources.

_ Database performance tuning, troubleshooting, and optimisation.

_ Experience managing servers in large-scale, geographically diverse environments.

_ Knowledge of all supporting infrastructure components, including operating systems, hardware/storage configurations and networks.

_ Experience with database backups and remote disaster recovery.

_ Experience dealing with large databases.

_ Experience with managing production database servers.

- Other requirements:                                                  

* TOIEC 500+.

* The ability to work under pressure.

* Experience with multiple database platforms and AWS RDS is a plus.
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