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SFI - Simulator Flight Instructor

Working Location: Vietjet Academy, District 9, Ho Chi Minh city

Quantity: 1

Salary: Negotiable

Required Document:

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Job Description

    • Instruct Airline Crews converting to Vietjet and Airbus on all operational and technical aspects for a specific type (or types) using: Fixed Base Simulator, Flight Training Devices, Full flight Simulators
    • Lecture rooms, in order to ensure the crews can carry out safely and efficiently all normal and abnormal procedures in adherence to Vietjet and Airbus Standards as defined by Training Policy.
    • Adhere to Vietjet and Airbus Standards as defined by Training Policy.
    • Instruct the Crews within the defined time limits.
    • Evaluates the Crews ‘progression.
    • Report to Head of Flight Training any problem encountered.
    • Give any extra session recommended by Head of Flight Training.
    • Delivers (after indoctrination) other specifics courses such as ETOPS, Performance, CRM, ELT… depending on Training demand and on Management request.
    • Need should be, participates in courses development or in Standardization Instruction.
    • Ensures his/her professional and technical knowledge’s are maintained at operational level to ensure efficient training.
    • Ensures in coordination with Head of Flight Training his/her SFI qualifications are up to date.
    • Delivers training to bring the Crews at the proper Standard as defined by Training Policy.
    • Meets the KPI criteria defined by Head of Flight Training 
    • Support Safety initiatives related to Training and Flight Operations Support as part of the Safety management activity, including contribution to Product Safety Process (PSP) and Safety Management System (SMS).

Job Requirement

  • Flight time requirements:

1. Total flight time:  minimum 3,000 hrs

2. Multicrew hours: minimum 1,500 hrs


General requirements:

1.     Maximum Age 60 (M) and 55 (F)

2.     Minimum Height – 165 cm (M) and 160 cm (F)

3.     Minimum Weight – 52 kg (M) and 50 kg (F)

4.     Valid ICAO CPL and ATPL with A320F Type Rating - Copy of License (CPL & ATPL & A320 Type Rating)

5.     Valid Medical

6.      Letter of authentication from the Civil Aviation Authority of CPL & ATPL's country of origin

       (with Name and email address of CAA Licensing Officer)

7.     Recommendation Letter / Release Letter from previous airline / employment

8.     Criminal Record within 6 months (notarized by Vietnam embassy from country of origin) 

9.     No history of Accident / Incident within 5 years

10.    ICAO English Level 4 or higher

11.    Passport scan with 1 year validity

12.     6 hard copy of photos in uniform (white shirt, tie, stripe, white back ground, size 3x4 cm)

13.     Copy of Logbook (last 5 pages)

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