DevSysOps – Data Engineer

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VJC-PD-FRM-12 Form Job Application

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Job Description

  • Analyze and understand business requirements and data models.
  • Develop data pipelines/processing/storages/consuming to align with the business requirements and data models.
  • Develop reports, applications and data queries to display data insights with high performance and within scheduled time or in real-time manner.
  • Document technical designs, reports, data queries, data models.
  • Continue to provide improvements and optimizations on data pipelines/processing/storages/consuming.

Job Requirement

  • At least one year working as data engineer or at least 3 years working as back-end developer (senior position is preferred).
  • Python experience with data-specific packages such as pandas / pyspark / matplotlib / plotly / dash is a must.
  • Front-end development experience is preferred.
  • UI/UX experience is preferred.
Data engineering skills:
  • Strong analytical skills are essential to complete job requirements successfully.
  • Experienced with technical data stacks (ingestion, ETL, storage, query engine, visualization)
SysOps skills:
  • Knowledge in Linux, Nginx, SQL Server, MongoDB.
  • Essential knowledge in Windows, Teleport, DNS and CDN. o Experience in DevOps and Agile working environment (Git, Terraform, Ansible, CI/CD) is preferred.
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